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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More blog calls!

It looks like I've reached an approximate halfway point in blog calls. I was slowed down by one of those winter illnesses and now, in order to finish, I probably need to visit about 25/day. Not sure I will completely reach the end before the conference begins Thursday, January 19. We will see what can be reorganized in the schedule to make time and I'll give it a try. :)

Amended #111 for @scio12 is @medbiochem and HERE is Katie's stuff (oops, so hard to tell on those sites!)

#114 for @scio12 is my rockin' FB friend @mary_spiro I read Engineered hydrogel helps grow new skin, scar-free (at JHU)

#115 for @scio12 is Allie at @loveofscience Check out her multimedia work at (fwiw, my eldest interns at USGS in town)

#116 for @scio12 is @bonnieswoger I read Why scholars cite the things they cite - the real reasons

#117 for @scio12 is Christine at @ProjectBlueHope I read The Significance of Non-Quantifiable Results

#118 for @scio12 is @laurenkwolf I read CT Scans for Holiday Hams <-why not?

#119 for @scio12 is @dianeakelly I read Popcorn Physics (PV = mmmm) nice explanation!

#120 for @scio12 is @kendrasnyder and she's the publicist for@AMNH. See you at #scio12 in 2 weeks!

#121 for @scio12 is @jeanne_erdmann at The Open Notebook. I read Taking Good Notes: Tricks and Tools

@scio12 bonus attendess without blogs to call one (that I know of) are @kvoDE and @andrea1 See you in two weeks!

Great, thanks for saying so! For @scio12, @Andrea1 blogs at work: generally about teaching college science.

Great to know. I'll keep an eye out for your soon to be released personal blog! :) @kvoDE @UDcanr

#122 for @scio12 is @annaleen I read the good news about her new book about how humans surviving next mass extinction!

#123 for @scio12 is @elizabef at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. Looks like a fun place!

#124 for @scio12 is @mtdukes I read about significant life changes at Congrats!

#125 for @scio12 is @joshwitten I read Eric Lander knows the secret to success

@joshwitten I was trying so hard to promote posts actually written by the person I was visiting. Sorry to mess up! @scio12 @genologos

#126 for @scio12 is @kejames who is updating her website! (for lil ol' me? No need to spruce up for a blog call! :P)

Amended for @kejames , visit her blog on the HMS Beagle Project!@scio12

#127 for @scio12 is @acousticgravity I read "A day in the life" (about expired nitrocellulose paper for western blots)

#128 for @scio12 is @sarahwebb I read A Glimpse of our Space Future

#129 for @scio12 is @matthewvandusen I read The Water Optimist: Questions for MIT's James Wescoat

#130 for @scio12 is @saraheverts at @cenmag I read Finish Fetish Chemistry Quite interesting!

#131 for @scio12 is @katie_PhD and I checked out her weekly science update!

#132 for @scio12 is @quinoat I read Of Sea Serpents, Varroa Mites and Mars

#133 for @scio12 is @cqchoi I just read Neurons Offer Clues to Suicide at @sciam

#134 for @scio12 is @haleybridger and she communicates for The Broad Institute (lovely site update!)

#135 for @scio12 is Anne Johnson (not on twitter?) I watched her local news TV segment Her web is

#136 for @scio12 is @eballi from Oggiscienza and thanks to google translate, I could peruse the site

#137 for @sci12 is @CTHerman at U of I! For @cenmag, I read Flavor Chemistry: The science of deliciousness

#138 for @scio12 is @jenedavison at U of Wash College of the Environment Reading up on some of their current news

#139 for @scio12 is @gregladen who mixes it up with politics and science on his blog. I read "Jean Baret was a girl!"

#140 for @scio12 is @juliawester1 and I read about her exciting trip to find sharks!

#141 for @scio12 is @nidhisubs and I checked out the selection articles she considered as "Best of 2011"

#142 is a two-fer for @scio12 is @lacey_avery who is a sci-writer in training, it seems? I didn't find a blog, but we can still say "HI!"

#143 for @scio12 is @kathrynsbowers who has co-written a book called Zoobiquity! Check it out!

#144 for @scio12 is @GershonYaleComm I'm checking out YaleNews. I'm especially enjoying some of their videos!

#145 for @scio12 is Karl @klb8s at Duke Univerisity I read 100 Days to State-Wide Science Festival!

#146 for @scio12 is @lalsox, a science teacher. I checked out her G+ page

#147 for @scio12 is @danielaphd I read @latimes article, Obesity: Access to grocers doesn't improve diets, study finds

#148 for @scio12 is @islanderSYY I read about genetically engineered rhodopsin in "Seeing the Potential"

#149 for @scio12 is @andyfarke I read New Fossil Species of 2011 - A PLoS ONE Retrospective

#150 for @scio12 is @huler I enjoyed Electric Sky, Traffic Light Design, and Other Reasons for Paying Attention

#151 for @scio12 is David of @Alltech and I'm browsing around

Back to #151, I read From Farm to Spoon at Chaney’s Dairy Barn via @alltech

#152 for @scio12 is @SquintMom w/a blog for evidence-based parenting. I read The Autistic Brain

#153 for @scio12 is @JoshRosenau I read The science education reform agenda hasn't changed in a century

#154 for @scio12 is Mark at @figshare Intrigued by this way to publish ALL of your data. What won't we think of next?

#155 for @scio12 is @criener I read his great post Economists to teachers: We’ve dropped the “Deselection”....

#156 for @scio12 is @AJEbsary and by golly, I couldn't find a blog or piece written by you to share... Adrian's at

Update #156 for @scio12 is @AJEbsary Check out

#157 for @scio12 is Jennifer at @OpenHelix What ScienceOnline Means to Us – Where to Begin?

#158 for @scio12 is @experrinment I like her artistry in @Bora's post#WSF11: The Invisible Language of Smell

#159 for @scio12 is @J_timmer I read Week in science, featuring violins and spider silk

#160 for @scio12 is @simon_frantz I read My top Nobel reads of 2011

#161 for @scio12 is @carlzimmer I read "King of the Cosmos (A Profile of Neil deGrasse Tyson)"

#162 for @scio12 is @maggiekb1 I read her physics science short So, did CERN find a Higgs Boson? See you soon, Maggie!

#162a for @scio12 is @maiasz I read "Blogging Helps Socially Awkward Teens"

#163 for @scio12 is @neaq @emoparker The New England Aquarium has webcams! Check them out when they're up!

#164 for @scio12 is @scienceissexy She holds great events in Chicago! (science of chocolate!! Yum!)

#165 for @scio12 is @ProjExplore I read/enthusiastically commented on STEM, The White House & The Change We Need Now

#166 for @scio12 is @genegeek and the internet is not letting me get to her blog tonight See you soon, Catherine!

#167 for @scio12 is @davidmanly I read Separating work from play and Open Lab 2011 Read and congratulate him! :)

#168 for @scio12 is @peyton_hale See breathtaking landscape photos at! Trust me on this! See you soon, Peyton!

#169 for #scio12 is Grant at @BioinfoTools I read Teaching bioinformatics at high school

#170 for @scio12 is @ngoldart Check out his Chimpanzee Manifesto art at

#171 for @scio12 is fellow U of Illinoisan @KateClancy I read her LadyBusiness Anthology See you soon!

#172 for @scio12 is @pkrautz I read Representing Booles’ Rings at Science Online 2012

#173 for @scio12 is @lucasbrouwers I read My first year as a MSM science writer

#174 for @scio12 is @David_Dobbs I read Our Sickening Rush to See PTSD – and What It Costs Vets

#175 for @scio12 is @tamfecit I read (another) "best of 2011" science story list at

#176 for @scio12 is @stacycbaker I checked the updates by her students! A treat to watch their presentation each year!

#177 for @scio12 is @AshleyJYeager I watched her video Brainy Lizards pass tests for birds

#178 for @scio12 is @nrek I read about his project @ReelBucket to organize your home theater

#179 for @scio12 is @ericmjohnson I enjoyed his interview with@carlzimmer (pt 2)

#181 for @scio12 is @kileyjd, a graduate student who doesn't seem to have a blog, but deserves a "Hello" anyway! See you soon!

#182 for @scio12 is @Waves_FilmFest Beneath the Waves Film Festival looks amazing! Deadline for submission Feb 24

#183 for @scio12 is Chris of @Allochthonous I read How useful are lectures-really? 

Tue, January 10, 2012 | link 

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