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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blog calls continue!

Thanks to all of you who are supportive of my endeavor to visit the blogs for the attendees of Science Online 2012. I have been learning quite a bit about who posts on which topics and have gathered some very cool information.

There have been blogs I haven't been able to leave comments on as their commenting system was down, non-existent or I had to be a subscriber to the site (read $), so I apologize if I didn't leave a comment in those cases!

Here is my latest round of visits!

#55 for @scio12 is @jcbradley at Useful Chemistry. Specializes in Open Science/online science ed. Listen to podcast at 

#56 for @scio12 is @LouWoodley who hangs out at Nature blogs. I just checked out their #Yuletubecalendar at Great fun!

#57 for @scio12 is @kaythaney at @digitalsci, I watched her video from @scio11 here: 

#58 for @scio12 is @DrMRFrancis at Galileo's Pendulum. I just read his recent post on Johannes Kepler

#59 for @scio is @stew who is also at @digitalsci & at Altmetric. I just watched vid of how Altmetric works for science

#60 for @scio12 is @chemconnector I read his post for the Vittana "Make a Difference" Blogger challenge. Support him at

#61 is @DrRubidium at The JAYFK Check out her post "Make a New Year's Resolution to Support Vaccination"

#62 for @scio12 is @tjowens and I read Ancient Wisdom from the Forums: Failures of Collective Intelligence at

#63 for @scio12 is @davidkroll and I just read his post about a great NYT article on autism/asperger's

#64 for @scio12 is @flyingtrilobite and I suggest you check out the poster for the Science Online art show! Looks great

#65 for @scio12 is @michellesipics and I read "Prize-winning video brings Mobius Transformations to Life".

#66 for @scio12 is @idea_org Promotes technology in advancing scientific & cultural literacy. Read QR codes & outreach

#67 for @scio12 is @sfriedscientist at Southern Fried Scientist. I just read Better Conservation through Cloning

#68 for @scio12 is @kprengaman and I just read a post on Ocean Renewable Energy and learned a few things!

#69 for @scio12 is @j_perkel a prolific freelance science writer! I read some of the articles linked in his post here:

#70 for @scio12 is @flossymatt I just read Good Webkeeping: spiders use decorations as defense

#71 for @scio12 is @sandramchung I read her highlight of a great piece of science writing. Nice touch w/the video, too!

Perhaps no blog, but @tiflopez is a storyteller: Thanks @BoraZ for knowing all! :)

@72 for @scio12 is Shannon at @Scripps_Ocean I checked out the kid's questions archive at…

#73 for @scio12 is @arbesman I read a post about America's Age, Empires, and Mathematics.

#74 for @scio12 is @sci2mrow and I read her post "Information Underloathed" at

#75 for @scio12 is MJBwrites I read this excellent inspiration for future astronauts, scientists and engineers!

#76 for @scio10 is @kristilewton at Harvard Look forward to meeting you in January!

#77 for @scio12 is @drholly I read her post at @sciam "Winter stoneflies sure are supercool"

#78 for @scio12 is @skome at the Claremont Colleges Library. Hi Sam! See you in January!

#79 for @scio12 is @sr320 and I read up on Outreach projects people in his lab are doing!

#80 for @scio12 is @cagraber Cynthia interviews Jeff of@cookingforgeeks

#81 for @scio12 is @rachelpep of @cenmag I'm resharing this: Top 10 chemistry videos of the year picked by editors

#82 for @scio12 is David of @aggieresearch with the website for and about researchers at UNC.

#83 for @scio12 is Lauren of @criverlabs I look forward to meeting you at #scio12!

#84 for @scio12 is Michelle of @artologica As a seamstress/costume designer/fan of fabric, I love her sciency fabric!

#85 for @scio12 is Amos @settostun, editor @DiscoverMag How to avoid repeating the debacle that was the space shuttle

#86 for @scio12 is @cristygelling Since I miss my lab, too, I read Miscellaneous things I will miss about the bench

#87 for @scio12 is @mrgunn and I read Real Innovation in Scientific Publishing

#88 for @scio12 is great sci writer @JenLucPiquant and I watched her amusing appearance on Craig Ferguson at!

#89 for @scio12 is @_ColinS_ I read 550,000,000 Years of Plate Tectonics

#90 for @scio12 is @sciencegeist And I read a fabulous post explaining the Maillard Reaction in cooking!

#91 for @scio12 is @scienceminus and I read a little post (actually watched a Sagan Series vid), Feynman on Flowers.

#92 for @scio12 is @psiwavefunction and I read "Update" at her blog Skeptic Wonder

#93 for @scio12 is @rojasburke I read "How perverse incentives cause drug shortages and persistent failures"

#94 for @scio12 is @AmoebaMike and I'm sharing his suggested "Top Ten Gifts for Science Lovers" from earlier this month

#95 for @scio10 is @oocscience Have you not visited Out of Context Science? Do so. Funny stuff!

#96 for @scio12 is @cassierodenberg and I read her post Every drug is the "deadliest drug" especially oxycodone.

#97 for @scio12 is @emilyanthes and I read her review of@anxiousmouse's book, Quirk

#98 for @scio12 is @lyndellmbade I took a peek at what her students shared about evolution at her blog!

#99 for @scio12 is @jeannegarb I listened to her explain how she unexpectedly discovers she is pregnant! Story Collider

#100 for @scio12 is @MinorityPostdoc at with a wealth of information for minority postdocs!

#101 for @scio12 is @lisagard2 I read her post Citizen Science: The Animated Movie!

#102 for @scio12 is @mjvinas I read Stalled Weather Systems More Frequent in Decades of Warmer Atlantic (@NASA)

#103 for @scio12 is @vbiatvt Wow! I am so intrigued by Kid's Tech University!!

#104 of @scio12 is Michelle at @redwngblkbrd I read Considerations for Successful Cell-Based Assays

#105 for @scio12 is @dirk57 I read Are You Okay? A variety of drinking tests: the good, the bad, and the silly.

#106 for @scio12 is @mchmiel I really enjoyed her "teacher tube" video page

#107 for @scio12 is @BenLillie at The Story Collider! Check out the video page

#108 for @scio12 is @astrolisa I read Smallest planet is tinier than Earth at @NewScientist

#109 for @scio12 is @hrynyshyn at his blog about climate change, Class M (I got the Star Trek ref right away!) I read

#110 for @scio12 is @emilyeggleston I read (on this snowy Illinois day) The Crystals of Winter

#111 for @scio12 is @medbiochem I love molecule of the week! This week is Moronic Acid found in mistletoe!

#112 for @scio12 is @larrybritton and his site is the Biotech department of Austin Community College Cool program.

#113 for @scio12 is @dnghub I read An Introduction to the Scientifc Method, by way of Chewbacca 

I'll continue for the next few weeks. Only about 300 or so left!



Tue, January 3, 2012 | link 

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