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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The new etiquette of paying a blog call!

In Victorian Days, common etiquette insisted socialites pay a call to residences and leaving a calling card. The resident of the house could decide whether to receive the caller or not. If received, the visit was usually short, about 20-30 minutes. This social practice allowed one to meet and know members of their community and for neighbors to know who they were, too. 


This is distinct from "making house calls", which are usually done by professionals, such as a doctor or a veterinarian. 

In modern days of the internet, where there's the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, paying a call in person is quite impractical. However, if they have an online presence such as a blog, one can pay a blog call and leave a "calling card" via a kind comment on their site (and usually your website is linked as well). A greater kindness is to then share with your social media community that you had visited and enjoyed the visit! (Ed Yong and Bora Zivkovic already practice this to a certain extent and are tireless supporters of good science communication.)

I've decided extend my own brand of etiquette with fellow attendees of the Science Online 2012 conference. 

Each January for the past few years, I've attended Science Online, a conference for people who communicate science via the internet, whether one maintains a blog or merely uses social media, there are a lot of ways to communicate.

This year sees a larger venue and the ability to enfold more attendees and while I have a fair idea of many of the science communicators, I know there are many more I don't know well, or know their work well, and thought I would like to "get to know them" before I see them in person.

So to that end, I've begun a 4 week run of paying blog calls and saying "Hi". Then I will share with my twitter followers which post I read and commented on.

Every 50 or so calls, I'll post here my tweets so you can learn who is out there in our "Science neighborhood".

#1 and 2 of 10 blogs I visited today: @Gurdur's blog, @boraZ's blog at @sciam

#3 & 4 of 10 for #scio12 @mistersugar and@ktraphagen (Sorry, Karen, WP would not let me sign in!)

#5 and 6 of 10 for #scio12 @WhySharksMatter and @jgold85

#7 & 8 of 10 for #scio12 @scicurious and @sharayurkiewicz

#9 & 10 for @scio12 @KiyomiD and@sciencecomedian

#11 blog visit for @scio12 @cduhigg Do smoking bans cause drunk driving?

@TomLevenson posts some Tom Lehrer songs… #12 blog visit for@scio12

#13 blog visit for @scio12, @DrNeilHammer does some cool STEM Outreach for marine biology & conservancy. #lovetheocean

#14 blog of @scio12 @mfenner has a blog called Gobbledygook. I read his review of the great book Reinventing Discovery

#15 blog of @scio12 is Sandra of @digitalbio whom I met last year! Her blog is Discovering Biology in a Digital World

#16 blog of @scio12 belongs to @seelix, who has a blog called This View of Life. Her latest post is on vaccinations!

#17 blog of @scio12 belongs to @Skoch3 See his article debunking claims that drinking deuterium depleted water heals.

#18 blog of @scio12, the Rogue Neuron, is @AndreaKuszewski's: I enjoyed Science through Stories, her post after #scio11

#19 blog of @scio12 is @deborahblum's Speakeasy Science. I liked her reflection on a murder mystery book of influence

#20 blog of @scio12 is @drjudystone's blog. I found myself reading her story of teaching undergrads in India. Exciting!

#21 blog for @scio12 is SuperBug by @marynmck I am already a fan! Just read her story on sepsis--Important info!

#22 blog for @scio12 is @MiriamGoldste writer at Deep Sea News. Check out her post about @carlzimmer's book Science Ink

#23 for @scio12 is Greg @drskyskull I love his weird science fact posts and keep my eye out for them each week.

#24 visit for @scio12 is @TCNoel, an assoc prof at York U in CA who cares about teaching and training future scientists

#25 for @scio12 is @ivanoransky & Retraction Watch-See post about retraction of a paper due to mental illness of author

#26 for @scio12 is an amusing cautionary tale for when mice come caroling by @docfreeride

#27 for @scio12 is @kristiholmes whol blogs for bioinformatics@Becker I found some interesting links in her recent post

#28 for @scio12 is @teh_skeptic at hear the Skeptically Speaking podcasts! Great stuff.This link is good example!

#29 of @scio12 is @docartemis at Brain Science Podcast Love it!

#30 for @scio12 is @arikia who's recent post on cyberstalking at@gizmodo was definitely worth reading!

#31 for @scio12 is @jasonpriem at his blog. I enjoyed his post on Twitter and the new scholar. Check out infographic!

#32 for @scio12 is @tvjrennie (Highly recommend a follow!) Garlic peeling blog post (?!) Not his usual fare, mind you!

#33 for @scio12 from @johnhawks Clever parallels he drew for fish and scientists in Schools of fish, schools of thought

#34 for @scio12 is from @alokjha I just listened to his podcast:@brucehood has Christmas lectures on the brain

#35 for @scio12 is from @roseveleth Her website is a wondrous! Loved the marvelous Mars Timeline

#36 for @scio12 is from @bgrassbluecrab at Southern Fried Sci. I just read Water Quality in the Era of Small Government

#37 for @scio12 is @hillaryrosner at Tooth & Claw. I read her 2-minute interview with her dad! He likes science books!

#38 for @scio12 is @edyong209. Be sciency and follow! Love his segment "I've got your missing links right here"

#39 for @scio12 is ME! at http://www.joannelovesscience where I educate about science concepts using objects like cats, gummy bears, more.

#40 for @scio12 is @lenagroeger at her post at @sciam Poor design can be bad for your health

#41 for @scio12 is @tdechant at Per Square Mile Just read Which reads faster, Chinese or English? Fascinating.

#42 for @scio12 is @ejwillingham and her post at @DoubleXScicalled Real Science vs. Fake Science (good work!)

#43 for @scio12 is @DaveMosher at -- I read Diamond Weevil's Rainbow Bling Really is Diamond

#44 for @scio12 is Jim at @7synapses. We're doing a video workshop together! Read his review of Delusions of Gender

#45 for @scio12 is @kzelnio aka "not chopped liver" :). I read Where Do All Your Tinsel & Trappings Go After Christmas?

#46 for @scio12 is @szvan at Almost Diamonds w/Free Thought Blogs. I just read "The Alternatives to Confrontationalism"

#47 for @scio12 is @hannahjwaters blogger @sciam Listen to Rethinking Ink: An Audio piece on Scientists & their Tattoos

#48 for @scio12 is @LizNeeley She recently held a G+ hangout w/@shawnotto that I missed! More at

#49 for @scio12 is @artfulaction who blogs for @sciam at Science with Moxie. I read her Ada Lovelace Day post at

#50 for @scio12 is @PHLane at Whizbang. I read her open note to the Nobel Committee to nominate Higgs while he is alive

#51 for @scio12 is @dupuisj at Confessions of a Science Librarian. I read post sharing @io9's best books of '11 list

#52 for @scio12 is @NerdyChristie who blogs at @sciam at Science Sushi. Just read Evolution: Watching Speciation Occur

#53 for @scio12 is @DrBondar, my cohost at @sciam! Love her Cool Biology Job of the Week (and so much more!) at

#54 for @scio12 is Kadijah at @betterbio Read her post Ain't No Justice, There's Just Us about bottled water!

Thanks to all of you, and keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing you in January!



Wed, December 28, 2011 | link 

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