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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A VERY Exciting Week!
Oh my! It looks like it has been a month since I have posted anything here.  The day job has kept me quite busy! In the meantime however, I have kept quiet several good pieces of news. First, was the opportunity to cover the Clinton Global Initiative America in Chicago for Scientific American. I found myself drawn to the assignment as the meeting had a segment specifically dealing with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education. The goal of the CGI is to bring together government, business and community outreach leaders to figure a way to work together to further common goals. To that end, I interviewed people with a passion for STEM education, who make tangible strides in the communities they work in in supporting and encouraging STEM education. The rest of the story will have to wait for the Guest Post at Scientific American.

Early in June, I also found out that I was one of 150 people chosen, out of 5,500 registrants, to attend the NASA tweetup (a meet up for people who follow NASA on twitter) for the very last space shuttle launch! Atlantis is slated to launch at 11:26am on July 8th, to deliver a satellite and rendezvous with the space shuttle. The day before, I will be touring the Kennedy Space Center and speaking with engineers, scientists, technicians and astronauts. I will also be allowed with in 600 meters of the launch pad. I am looking forward to this fabulous experience and to meet some great people I have been following on twitter for quite some time!

I made a video introducing myself and explaining what the tweetup means to me. You can see that HERE. One of my very first science memories was, as a very young girl, I was playing outside on the evening of July 20, 1969 when my mother yelled out the door "Do you want to come in and see men walk on the moon?" to which I remember yelling "Yeah!" and came running in! It was hard at that age to imagine that people were really up there on the moon and not falling back to the earth!

I had two local news features done. First was with WCIA news at 5pm, and you can see that video clip HERE. Second, was a very enjoyable interview with Kevin and Sarah of MIX 94.5, which you can listen to HERE .

My recent tweets have been focusing on the final launch of Atlantis and some of the science of space travel. 
Here are some of the links I've been able to share:

Your guide to a shuttle launch, part 1: The countdown - The Planetary Society Blog 

Your guide to a shuttle launch, part 2: The ascent - The Planetary Society 

What do I most appreciate about the NASA space program and the space shuttle? It is the fact that ingenuity and creativity of humans who are trained in science, technology engineering an math are able to safely transport humans to space and back.

My schedule can be seen by following this link.

AND, for the big news I've been dying to share with you for MONTHS!

Scientific American is rolling out their new blogging community and I am proud to say that I am a part of it. For someone who has read Scientific American (SciAm) for a good part of her life (the magazine is over 160 years old, the oldest American magazine) and as someone who has a passion for communicating science, I could think of no greater honor than to participate in this well established, high quality publication in the online world.

I will be co-hosting a blog called PsiVid, about science in video format; online in the form of the short videos one can see on youtube to the longer science films being created all of the time. Dr. Carin Bondar and I will be collecting videos, interviewing the creators and asking for feedback from producers, scientists and of course, you! Feel free to stop by and see what we are all about HERE. 

Joanne Loves Science is here to stay! Psi-Vid is in addition to my outreach here, but I will be certain to share with you what I am doing over there on occasion. 

Our Community Editor, Bora Zivkovic, introduces all blogs/bloggers

Mariette DiChristina's (Editor-in-Chief) welcome post.
Happy Reading, everyone. I hope you enjoy the links to the NASA information in honor of the very last shuttle launch and will visit Scientific American often to enhance your appreciation of the world of science.

Tue, July 5, 2011 | link 

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